The Importance of Etiquette

First Impressions last! What does yours say about you? You have seven seconds to make a first impression and what happens in those first seven seconds will decide if someone wants to get to know you, or not… What to say and when to say it, is more important than most realize.
Dannie Fowler

Mrs. Dannie G. Fowler
Etiquette and Image Consultant

Mrs. Dannie G. Fowler is a certified Etiquette Consultant and Image Consultant and owner of The Etiquette School of Florida. Each student's experience and growth is important to her. She offers individual coaching called Professional Polishing to perfect their first and last(ing) impression. A little knowledge of civility and good taste is always in style.

Fine Dining Etiquette

Fine Dining Etiquette Dining should be an enjoyable experience! If it’s not, it’s probably because you are overly worried about what in the world that funny little fork with the prongs is for. Or, which one is my bread plate? Or, where do I place my empty sugar packet? All of which have simple answers but you may not know them. When you should be dazzling them with your brilliance and sparkling personality, you’re concentrating on your lack of dining skills. Business transactions can be won or lost over just such a meal. Fine dining classes are a must for anyone who wants to succeed in business and in life! Classes are offered from age three to senior citizens. It’s never to early or too late to learn!

Children's Etiquette

Children's Etiquette Classes Classes start at age three for simple table manners and extend through the fifth grade. Each class is culturally themed to increase the “fun-factor”. Classes include food, themed centerpieces, fresh flowers, fine china, and polite words in different languages for the “seasoned” travelor! Classes include: Fairytale Etiquette, Princess and Teddy Bear Teas, Aborigine Etiquette for Boys, and Fine Dining for all ages.

Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette Classes In today’s world of automated phone messages, kindness and compassion, knowing what to say and when to say it, may be the difference between the closing of a company and a multi million dollar deal. Are YOU the weakest link in your business. Usually it is something small that you may not even be aware of that could change your entire business. Whether it’s you or your employees, you are constantly “selling” your company.  Would you “buy” from you?
It’s the little things that take a person from ordinary to extraordinary, from average to excellence!
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